Web Portals & Websites

Self-service Web Forms and Landing Pages

When you run an ad-campaign it is important that your leads land
on the right content. For this you need to be able to create landing pages
that can capture your leads. With SalesDriven you can create modern
landing pages based on templates by drag & drop web components.

Website Chat

People prefer to message! It is that simple. SalesDriven is integrated with the best
looking chat systems so that your customers or potential customers can reach you easily.

When a new lead arrives at your website, it will be prompted to chat. As soon as the
contact details are captured they are passed to the CRM. Your customer journey can begin!
The conversation is recorded and the CRM sends promotional marketing material to the hot lead.

The lead enters drip programme and it is soon converted in a paying customer.

SalesDriven is integrated with

Website Integrations

You probably have a website. But how many customers do you get from your website?

SalesDriven helps you integrate web forms from your website so that you
capture leads in the CRM. Once the leads are captured, SalesDriven records
all the subsequent clicks and visits, so that the lead can be easily converted to a sale.

But even after a lead becomes a paying customer, SalesDriven can help you
expand and sell more by recording future website visits.

SalesDriven has integrated with these platforms to help you create beautiful
modern landing pages and get leads registered in the SalesDriven CRM.
No time wasted!