Business Intelligence

SalesDriven provides a set of flexible tools so that you can create the
Bi dashboard of your choice based on the KPI's that interest you.
SalesDriven helps you get the general picture of your business’ s
performance, follow trends and identify bottlenecks, improvements and opportunities.


Contract & Pricing Management

Managing and setting rules for your contracts has never been easier. SalesDriven has
been developed based on many years of experience in a various industries. We
understand that each customer is unique and that you need to shape the costing
policies around each unique deal. SalesDriven allows you to create custom company
plans per volume,per payment policies and using an annual schedule. Want more?
Nothing is set to stone,SalesDriven is ready to adapt to your business's needs.
An additional challenge is the multichannel influx of tasks,such as email,phone calls,
social media and website forms. SalesDriven helps in solving this problem by
providing the ability to create cases and support tasks from any inbound channel.


SalesDriven offers an intuitive and customisable invoicing system, interconnected
with any other module on the platform. This module allows implementing a variety
of automations such as sending invoices directly from the CRM as email
attachments with predefined templates, automating emails to customers with
overdue payments and many other.

Bank Reconciliation

A unique feature that improves workflow and saves many data entry work hours.
Salesdriven can be integrated with the API of any bank to retrieve bank transactions.
The transaction manager is a complete tool with many features that allows to create
reportingeasily. Furthermore,if the bank does not offer an API, Salesdriven has the
mechanism to integrate via online banking or via manual import of bank statements.

Our Universal Bank Statement Recognition technology allows the import of any
bank statement,without the need to preprocessing the document. SD recognizes the
transaction columns and allows importing easily.

SalesDriven Comparison with typical Online Banking Systems

Accounting Integration

This module is more powerful when paired with the Banking Reconciliation module,
because all transactions can be pushed via the API to any accounting system that has
an API bridge. All data objects in SalesDriven can be shared with an accounting system.

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