User Interface

Flexible User Interaction

SalesDriven is built around a component-oriented methodology and each component
features properties and attributes that can be calibrated to fit every possible need.
The hundreds of reusable components are of uniform look and feel,thus SalesDriven
comprises of a modern yet enterprise character.
SalesDriven components are not only for the web but adaptable to mobile screens as well.
Another aspect of the Ul in SalesDriven is the core ability to make changes that will not
break or affect other components,with agility,fast and without breaking the bank. The user
interface in SalesDriven is interconnected with back-end service mechanisms, and this
makes possible when implementing a solution to create custom mechanisms that transmit
data to the Ul, so that you can see data changes as they happen.

FlexiGrid Reporting

One unique component found in SalesDriven is the FlexiGrid which resembles
characteristics of the Spreadsheet, thus allowing with a few clicks to create custom
reports which can be saved and be automated.The FlexiGrid has the ability to
add/remove columns and save preset templates, advanced data sorting,advanced
groupingby, summingper group and total, advanced filteringper column, generic
search,parallel search per column, search as you type, assigning sub-menus,
granular access management per field, copying per field or column or selection of
rows, selection send by email, what you see direct download to popular formats
such asXLS, PDF, CSV.

Offline Functionality

Salesdriven is a web application with the unique ability to operate offline when
needed. This means you can fire up your laptop and have access to the complete
application while offline. So, yes, you can work on Salesdriven during a
flight or while visiting a customer with no internet access. When the laptop goes
online, data will be synchronized to the SalesDriven Cloud.

Mobile Functionality

SalesDriven offers out of the box mobile functionality and apps that will help you get
the data you need when you are not in front of a computer. All mobile applications of
SalesDriven are customizable and can be adapted your business needs.